Camera Selling Tips For Beginners

Navigating The Second-Hand Camera Market

Tricks of the trade to get you the best price for your used camera.

If you’re in the market for a camera upgrade and need to sell your existing model, then you’ll want to get the best price possible for your sale. Navigating the camera selling industry can be tricky if you’re a first-timer, so it’s important that you learn some tricks before you wade in. Gaining interest in your camera, knowing where to sell, and making sure you receive payment promptly are all key concerns, but the following information will help your sale go smoothly.

Creating An Attractive Ad

Begin by taking a picture of your camera – you’ll want to appeal to photographers after all, so make sure you don’t upload an image with substandard lighting or any blurring. Arrange your camera and any accessories in front of a white background and use either plenty of natural lighting or a studio flash for best results. Always make sure you keep the camera’s original box and have this clearly visible in the photo.

But your ad shouldn’t just focus on imagery, you’ll also need to put some effort into the description of your camera, making use of keywords that you believe your target market will search for. Start with the basics, such as the brand, model and age of the camera. You should also include details of its condition, for example, if you have been using an LCD overlay to keep the screen scratchproof, then this is the type of detail that will appeal to buyers. Equally, if the camera does have any minor damage such as scuff marks on the main body, then it’s important to mention this and include a photo if necessary; if you’re entirely upfront with the buyer before the sale, then there will be less chance of disappointment and a refund request.

Choosing Your Selling Platform

Once you’ve got your ad details together, you’ll need to decide where to promote it. You might choose to go with eBay which will provide you with a large audience, but their platform fees could easily eat into your profits. Selling privately is another option if you’re lucky enough to know someone who is interested in your camera – be aware though that they may expect mates’ rates, so again you might be able to get a better price elsewhere.

Another option is to use a dedicated sell camera site, where you simply provide the details of your camera and receive a fast quote in return. If you’re happy with the amount offered, you can send in your camera and once it’s arrived and been checked over, you’ll receive your payment immediately.

Safe Postage

After getting as far as a sale, it would be a terrible shame to lose out because your buyer receives damaged goods, which is why it’s so important to package your used camera properly to avoid it being bashed around in transit. Use bubble wrap, strong packaging materials and tape, and include your return address on the box just in case. You may also want to look into insuring the parcel which you can arrange at the Post Office.

Once you’ve made the decision to sell your camera, start by gathering up all the bits of kit you’re ready to part with and take it from there. The sooner you arrange your sale, the quicker you’ll receive cash to put towards a new model!