Walking in the winter: the mistakes we make, and what we can do to make our feet feel better

Whether you’re someone who enjoys hiking through deep snow or simply taking your dog on a daily walk through the neighbourhood, it’s extremely important to take care of your feet come wintertime. During colder spells, your feet need extra care and attention to make sure you don’t develop any long-term complaints.

Cold, wet and damp conditions can have severe impacts on our foot health, so we have compiled some useful tips on how to look after your feet this winter:

Wear protective shoes

It would be a good starting point to purchase some quality winter shoes that will protect your feet against the harshest of weather conditions. If you spend most of your time outdoors, it’s essential your shoes are both waterproof and comfortable.Your best option would be to invest in a pair of walking boots or shoes, especially if you’re someone who enjoys walking long distances.If you’re going to be strolling through puddles during your walks, it would also be worthwhile to purchase gaiters.

Make sure your shoes also have a little bit of room so you can wear socks to beat off the chill. They also need to have adequate grip on the soles to prevent slips and falls. 

Buy good quality socks

One of the very basics of foot comfort is to invest in some thick socks to retain heat. In damp conditions, it would be advised to wear organic fibre socks, such as the likes of wool to prevent chafing or sweating. If your feet usually perspire, wear synthetic socks to absorb excess moisture. Always be sure to choose socks that have thermal qualities to keep your feet snug on the coldest of days.

Try insoles

Another absolute must for optimum foot comfort is a pair of high-quality insoles for boots, especially if you’re someone who suffers from plantar fasciitis.

The plantar fascia is a ligament that connects your heel to the front of your foot, which supports the arch. Due to constant exercise, this part of the foot experiences a great deal of wear and tear which causes inflammation of the heel.As plantar fasciitis is a common complaint, it can be easily treated with boot insoles. The customisable arch support offered by these insoles for boots is due to the inclusion of comfortable spongy pads that are designed specifically for your foot and body type to reduce pain and inflammation caused by the condition.

Taking care of your feet at home

During the summer, we pay close attention to how our feet look, as they’re often on show when we’re wear sandals and flimsier shoes. Even though you won’t be getting your feet out in public during the winter, it’s still just as important to take care of your feet. Feet are prone to drying out in colder climates which can lead to cracking and peeling skin. Always make sure you keep your feet moisturised, especially around your heels to prevent infection or long-term conditions setting in.