Why You Should Consider Residential Park Living in 2020

The Benefits Of Downsizing To A Park Community

 Is your existing home becoming too big and expensive for you to manage? Consider moving to a residential park community and live amongst like-minded people.

If you’re looking for a change in living situation in 2020, then now’s the perfect time to consider moving to a residential park. Although the population of park dwellers is growing in the UK, with around a quarter of a million choosing this as their primary home, there are many Brits who are still unaware of the many benefits of living in this type of environment. Here are some of the reasons why park living could be the perfect move for you!

Living In A Close-Knit Environment

Being surrounded by a community of likeminded people is important in life, particularly for those aged over 50 who tend to be the main residents in this type of environment. Residential parks give you the perfect balance of living in your own accommodation but enjoying the company of neighbours and sharing leisure facilities with them when you want some interaction. In terms of safety, everyone knows everyone else within a residential facility and people look out for each other, which is an important part of building community spirit and feeling secure as you maintain your independence.


When your children have flown the nest and your current property suddenly seems too big and expensive to run, you can be left wondering what your options are. A residential park home is the perfect option if you’re looking to downsize as you approach retirement age. Maybe you want to lower your monthly bills, or even sell up to release some money to help your family on their own journey up the property ladder. You can even organise a part exchange whereby you release some of the equity in your existing home to fund your new park life home and include a little extra cash to spend at your leisure.

Stay In Control of your Outgoings

A professional residential park solicitors Essex team explains that modern residential park homes are designed to be energy efficient, ensuring that your accommodation is kept warm whilst reducing your typical heating bills throughout the winter months. If you’re buying a pre-owned park home, you should always check the energy efficiency rating just as you would with a typical bricks and mortar property. But in general, you’ll find that living in a park home will reduce your monthly outgoings significantly. You can also expect to live in a lower council tax property band which will further save you money.


Residential park homes are single storey properties and can be custom-built inside if you wish to widen doorways to accommodate a wheelchair for example. As you age, getting up and down the stairs can feel like a major obstacle when living in traditional accommodation, so residential park homes can be the perfect solution to suit your changing accessibility needs.

If you’re ready to consider park living, then it’s time to start looking for the perfect home in an area you’re drawn to. Making a new start in life is the perfect way to begin 2020!