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Spending a Few Days With Mendip Heights Before Moving in to a New Home

People go camping for different reasons – as a hobby, as a form of family bonding, vacation, etc.

I thought I have encountered all reasons there is as to why people go on camping trips. However, recently, I was able to add another reason to the list, and that reason, I got from a family who went camping because they want to spend a few days in the woods before moving in to their newly purchased home.

At first I found it weird. Usually, people are excited to move into a new home. Found out that they got a real estate agent from Keller Williams Real Estate, and this agency’s reputation is enough for me to conclude that the new place is surely great and beautiful.

So the reason really intrigued me and so I asked them about it. The father calmly replied that they do not just do it because they are moving into a new house, but that they always do it whenever the whole family has to embark on a new journey.

Camping, he shares, is his family’s way of reconnecting with the old, and a great way of being reminded of the old times, and of how happy life could be, even with the most simple and natural things. It is their way of reminding themselves about where life begins, which they strongly believe begins with nature. Thus, before moving into the new house, which is a big point in their lives, they decided to reconnect with nature and enjoy the simple things.

This philosophy really got me. I was amazed at how something so simple could mean so much to a family. It was ultimately one of the most unique reasons why people engage in camping. It not only gave me a new perspective in life and a new way to appreciate this job that I do, but it also gave me an idea to follow in the future, should me and my family every decide to change course.

It reminded me that nature is always something beautiful to look back to, as well as look forward to. I asked them if they have done the feat many times, and indeed they did. Before getting married, after marriage, when they decided they want to have a baby, a few months after having their first born, when the man of the house decided to shift jobs, when his wife decided to become a full-time mother, when they decided to have a second child, and so many more times. They share that the experience not only helped them be firm in their decisions in life, it also reminded them that whatever they do in this life, they are reminded that things will end great for them, no matter the struggles they have to go through to reach it.

Indeed, this was such a humbling and inspiring story for me, and hopefully, everyone reading now will feel the same way.


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Near-Death Experience Due To Roofing Problem Led Man to Contact Roofing Company Related To A Trusted Plumbing Company

Man almost had an accident when trying to fix own roofing problem; has since learned to trust only experts in roofing, plumbing and real estate

Image Credit: mobofree.com

When my business was only starting, I faced a lot of challenges. One memorable event was when I got hurt pretty badly because I attempted to fix a broken roof tile on my own. This is sometimes a problem with self-made men; we always think we have to do things on our own, because all our life we had to do things on our own in order to survive. That event led me to the conclusion that there are some things that I could not do on my own. So, after dealing with the injury from the fall, I contacted a roofing company. People around me said that they are the best when it comes to roof repairs. A friend in the plumbing business also recommended the same company and said that they sometimes do collaborative work, and so I trusted them as much as I trust my plumber friend. He was also the one that recommended me the real estate agent that sold me the house I live in and it has been one of the best buys I have ever had in my life.

Anyways, I asked them to fix the roof of the wine cellar and I told them that they should use quality materials so that the incident would not happen again, not for a very long time, at least. They were already a step ahead of me because they already brought the tools and materials needed to repair not just the damage, but the entire roofing system of the cellar.

After they were finished with the job, I was pleased that they held to their end of the bargain by giving me the quality roof that I wanted. It is always good to have people in business offer quality services to one another. People can be sure that I too, offer only the best quality wines for all wine lovers to enjoy.

As for me, in order to get rid of the trauma of the experience of almost losing my leg, if not my life, because of the accident, I decided to hit Mendip Heights for the weekend and stayed there to unwind and let the winds take away the trauma.

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Businessman Escapes Stress of Roofing, Plumbing and Real Estate Problems Through Camping At Mendip Heights

When you are a self-made man as I am, you will understand why I am someone who tries very hard to do things on our own. I made my name in the business of wine and wine production because of my own dedication and aspiration to rise from the crisis and become a successful man. I was able to do everything on my own.

I entered a vineyard in Georgia and worked in it for a very long time. During that time, I learned all that there is to learn about the wine business, from the planting and growing of grapes, to the harvesting, then to the storing, waiting and then finally when the wines are ready, according to the number of years they were preserved, they are cleaned and bottled up to become the finest and sophisticated wines in the market.

This business, as any other business, is a lot of stress sometimes. There are days when sales and good news are on the hype and will bring laughter and content in your hearts. However, there are also times when problems just love to knock on your door and wear you down. Problems could come in the form of a roofing system fiasco, or a leak in the plumbing system, or worse, and this is true, it could come in the form of a real estate agent’s presence to tell you that some of your house’s paper works are scammed.

Stress, right? That is why I always make it a point to go to Mendip Heights when I feel the great urge to forget about the hustle and bustle of life and just reconnect with myself and nature. People have different means of coping with stress and for me, camping at Mendip Heights is the ultimate stress reliever.

Businessman escapes wrath of roofing, plumbing and real estate problems through camping

Image Credit: campingandcaravanningclub.co.uk

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Family Overcomes Negativity Due to Roofing, Plumbing and Real Estate Problems Plus Health Problems

I was busy talking to some crew members from Roof repair company that dreadful day that I found out the news that my son has been diagnosed with autoimmune disease. It was just one problem over another and a worse one top of the other.

I mean, it was already bad that a few weeks before that day, I was calling experts to fix my plumbing problem. And then, now, on the very day that I was talking to roofers about a hole in the roof of our house, my son’s doctor calls to tell me of something very heartbreaking. Sometimes, I wonder if the real estate agent that sold me the home was being too fancy when he told me that this house will be the home to make my dreams come true because so far, everything is going for the worse and no dreams are coming true, only disaster and bad news.

After hearing the news about my son’s medical condition, my husband and I was torn and we were in such a terrible emotional and state that friends suggested we camp out in Mendip Heights.

At first we thought it was a foolish idea and it would waste what time we had to find medical means for our child to survive his illness. However, after some convincing, we finally agreed and we are happy to say that it was one of the best decisions we ever made.

The trip greatly helped us get rid of the negativity that was enveloping us, which was only ¬†making our son’s condition worse. The experience calmed our nerves and reminded us that the battle is not over until its over, and we returned home with renewed strength and more positive energy that made us want to fight harder for our son to survive such an ill-fated disease.

And just as miracles happen, our son was really able to overcome the condition and as a sign of gratitude, we make it an annual thing to hit Mendip heights to unwind and get rid of the negativity that life still continues to throw at us. However, this time, we face negativism with positive energy and we always end up winning and conquering our days.

Happy Family survives great problems like roofing, plumbing and real estate problems

Image Credit: iwallpaperfinder.com